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Class: PHP Word Completion
Suggest words that complete strings
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This is a PHP Class coded using PHP 7 author: Castro Hamiltone


The aim is to provide a sorted ( based on the percentage of the frequecny of occurrence of the suggested word in the source of words ) list of most probable completions of a word given the begining letters of the word and a source of words to be used.


*@param $begining:- string, the begining portion of the word to be completed. e.g 'yo', 'you', or 'your' etc<br>* *@param $words_source:- string, the filename (.txt) of the text file containing the commonly used words.<br>* You can use a corpus from The Guternburg Project


array:- possible completions with probability in percentages

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.